Introduction to Vision & Body Improvement Exercises, CBS School, Ennis

The Vision & Body Improvement Qigong movements are a unique set designed to help the functioning of the eyes, related organs and the body as a whole.

They were devised specifically to help with the extraneous strains of modern living. In our modern culture where excessive screen time in work and home is common, there is a greater strain on the eyes, neck and body than we have experienced as a species in any time of our evolutionary history.

The eyes are the window to our soul, not only do they express the mental and spiritual wellbeing of our mind, the eyes are also a reflection of our overall physical health. The eyes, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), have a very close connection to our organs and energy meridians, thus could deeply affect blood and Qi circulation within our bodies. So the movements help the eyes and vice versa to give a complete body workout. As well as exercising the main muscle groups which control our eyes, Vision & Body Movement Qigong is also particularly good for our Immune, Cardiovascular and Digestive systems.

The aim of these 3 classes are to introduce you to a practice that can enhance your physical and mental well-being for the rest of your life.

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The exercises work the internal and external body, while at the same time activating acupoints, increasing the proficiency of energy and blood flow through the whole biological system while promoting a sense of well being and harmony.

This course tends to sell out quickly so pre-booking is advised.

8.10pm-9.20pm Tuesdays, starts 18th June 2024

  • Prices are €40 pp (subscribed members €30 pp)
  • Advance booking guarantees place
  • 3 week term, classes held in the CBS school, Ennis
  • Suitable for beginners

Introduction Vision & Body Improvement in Ennis

This form of modern traditional exercise was devised by the eminent professor Wang in the University of Sport, Beijing and only recently released to the wider world. It is the only course of it’s kind currently being taught in Ireland.

Terms & Conditions

  • Pre-booking required
  • Health questionnaire must be filled out in advance or on day of class to attend(this only needs to be done once and does not apply if you have filled in one previously done)
  • All payments non-refundable
  • Member discounts only apply to individual members who are actively subscribed on date of purchase