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The practices we go through in the Vision & Body Improvement Qigong online classes work the whole body centred around improving the functioning of the eyes and associated organs and energy channels.

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What is Vision Improvement Qigong?
The eyes are the window to our soul, not only do they express the mental and spiritual wellbeing of our mind, the eyes are also a reflection of our overall physical health. The eyes, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), have a very close connection to our organs and energy meridians, thus could deeply affect blood and Qi circulation within our bodies.

Modern living has put a tremendous stress on our eyes, office workers, executives work in front of a computer for many hours during the day. Young people playing their phones all day long, and senior citizens watch TV or read books for hours at a time. These once unimaginable activities are now the norm, making the eyes work much harder than they should. Our eyes are under constant strain, with our eye muscle used excessively.  

Our modern lifestyle adversely impacts our eyes, straining the muscles around the eyes and reducing our vision significantly. More than 65% of the world population wear some kind or vision correction devices, and a high percentage have eye defects and illnesses. 

The eyes, in TCM, are regarded as one of the most important organs that connect to most energy meridians. Deficiency in the eyes will cause a disruption on the blood and Qi (energy) circulation from the eyes to other organs and vice versa, having a direct effect on the health of other organs.

Throughout history Qigong Masters have paid particular attention to the health of the eyes. As our eye health has deteriorated in recent decades, more and more Qigong masters, University professors and TCM doctors are shifting their focus to methods that could help improve our eyes health and wellness. Based on TCM principles and Meridian theory, experts in the field have introduced a number of exercises that could improve eye functions, enhance our vision and boost organs wellness along the way. 

The wonderful Vision Improvement Qigong set exercises the eye muscles, enhances Liver, Lung and Spleen function as well as exercising the whole body. Consisting of five separate movements as well as massage and acupressure exercises, The Vision Improvement set is easy to learn and gives great benefits to practitioners straight away.

These exercises were conceived by one of the most eminent practitioners in China, Professor Wang Xiaojun(director of Beijing Sport University (BSU) Traditional Chinese Sport Well-being Research Centre)