Tai Chi Health Preservation Exercises, Ennis

Tai Chi is an internal art that gives proven health benefits to those who practice. Such benefits include better balance, increased flexibility, stronger bones, improved circulation, toned muscles and a calm the mind. These low impact exercises are all done from a standing position and give each person their own unique health benefits.

Each of the exercises we do in class works the whole body internally and externally giving tremendous benefits to the mind and energy/blood channels therein.

We use a Stick to help correct postural alignments as well as traditional Tai Chi movements to stimulate acupoints and strengthen the body.

Each class we start with a thorough body warm-up before going through foundation movements. Thereafter we combine whole class, group and individual instruction to suit the needs of every person who attends.

Tuesdays 8.10pm9.20pm in CBS School Ennis

  • Term prices are €75 pp for eight classes (subscribed members €60 pp)
  • Advance booking guarantees place
  • Classes held in the CBS School, Ennis
  • Suitable for beginners, sticks provided
  • Next term starts on Tuesday, 16th April 2024
Evening Tai Chi in CBS

Terms & Conditions

  • Pre-booking required
  • Health questionnaire must be filled out in advance or on day of class to attend(this only needs to be done once and does not apply if you have filled in one previously done)
  • All payments non-refundable
  • Member discounts only apply to individual members who are actively subscribed on date of purchase
  • Classes paid for only valid to current term, missed classes cannot be carried forward to following term