Workshops 16th January 2022

Tai Chi 11 Form 10am-12.30pm

Tai 11 Form is a lovely compact series of movements that are a progression from the Tai Chi foundations. Devised by Grand Master Liming Yue using movements from the long form it is ideal for home practice and getting a deeper understanding of Chen style Tai Chi. Suitable for those who have had some experience of the foundation exercises as well as those wanting to refine their practice.

Stick Qigong 2pm-4.30pm

This set of exercise was compiled by the International Health Qigong Federation by combining ancient Stick practices with more recent Traditional Chinese Medicine to give tremendous benefits to the mind, body and energy/blood channels therein. Each of the exercises that comprise the Stick Qigong set work the whole body internally and externally. Use of the Stick within the movements helps to correct postural alignments and stimulate acupoints.

These workshops cost just €30 pp each or €55 pp for the full day (subscribed West Way members rate is €25 pp for half day and €40 pp for the full day) 

Classes held in the Green Room, Kilmihil, Co. Clare (Ts & Cs apply)


Workshops 16th January 2022

Terms & Conditions

  • Pre-booking required and prepayment secures place(s)
  • All payments non-refundable or transferable from 10 working days before date of workshop(s)
  • Health questionnaire must be filled out in advance or on day of workshop (this only needs to be done once and does not apply if you have previously done so) to attend
  • Discounts only apply to individual members only who are actively subscribed on date of purchase and is not valid for third parties