Five Animals Workshop (18/09/21)

The Five Animals movements Qigong set is one of the oldest and most holistic of all the forms endorsed by the International Health Qigong Federation. 

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels the exercises work the internal and external body, while at the same time activating acupoints and increasing the proficiency of energy and blood flow through the whole system.

Made up of movements inspired by the animal kingdom, once learned are a treasure you can refine for a lifetime giving ever increasing physical and emotional benefits along the way.   This workshop will give detailed instruction for each of the animals focusing on the Tiger, Deer & Bear with further refinement where needed.

This all day workshop is runs from 10am-12.30pm & 2pm-4.30pm Saturday 18th September 2021 at a rate of just €45 pp (subscribed West Way members rate is €30 pp)

Classes held in the Green Room, Kilmihil, Co. Clare (Ts & Cs apply)

Five Animals Workshop 10am-4.30pm 18th September 2021

Terms & Conditions

  • Pre-booking required and prepayment secures place(s)
  • Payments non-refundable or transferable from 10 working days before date of workshop
  • Health questionnaire must be filled out in advance or on day of workshop (this only needs to be done once and does not apply if you have previously done so) to attend
  • Discounts only apply to individual members who are actively subscribed on date of purchase and is not valid for third parties