Regular affordable classes that give you the opportunity to learn potentially life changing skills in a friendly environment. All workshops are done in association with the teachings of the Chen Zhenglei Taiji Federation & International Health Qigong Federation respectfully.

We start each session with a full body warm-up before going through a selection of movements or whole form as appropriate to each class. We then go over one specific parts in detail accommodating each person(s) specific learning requirements.

You are welcome to attend both or either the morning or afternoon workshops and there are online resources available to help with each practice.

Prices are €25 for morning or afternoon session and €45 for the full day (€20 for half day & €30 full day for West Way Members)

Workshops held in The Green Room, Kilmihil, Co. Clare

Please click on any of the workshop titles for details;

Dates (Saturdays)10am-12.30pmPlaces Available2pm-4.30pmPlaces Available
18th September 2021Five Animals9Five Animals9
16th October 2021Ba Duan Jin10Stick Qigong8
20th November 2021Tai Chi Foundations10Healing Sounds13
15th January 2022Tai Chi 11 Form11Stick Qigong9
19th February 2022Five Animals11Five Animals11
12th March 2022Healing Sounds13Stick Qigong9
23rd April 2022Ba Duan Jin11Tai Chi Foundations11
21st May 2022Tai Chi 11 Form11Stick Qigong9
17th September 2022Five Animals11Five Animals11
15th October 2022Ba Duan Jin11Stick Qigong9
12th November 2022Tai Chi Foundations11Healing Sounds13

All classes run by an experienced qualified instructor, call 0860535513 for further information