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The West Way members platform has been created to give anyone anywhere the chance to learn practical healing and health enhancing practices in their own home.

The exclusive classes have been selected as the most accessible and suitable practices that can be taught online to give members the greatest benefits possible.  All the practices are taught as instructed by internationally recognised Tai Chi & Qigong bodies.

Weely Zoom Classes Timetable (GMT)

MondaysHealing Sounds
Ba Duan Jin
WednesdaysTai Chi
Saturdays (first Saturday of each month starting September)Five Animals

We start with a warmup and then go through one or two movements in detail. For the Healing Sounds and Ba Duan Jin classes we usually follow a commentary of the whole set of movements at the which is quite easy to follow. Week on week you should gradually become more and more comfortable until you can easily do the whole sets in one go.

With the Tai Chi class we go through one or two movements slowly and the associated foundation movements. Aiming to teach you to move in a Tai Chi way so that you can get the most out of any movements you do.

All classes are recorded and made available within 24 hours of broadcast.  These recordings are kept online and are available to members 24/7 on dedicated members resource pages.

The resource pages are a great compliment to the online classes. As well as instruction you also get access to the previous two classes and all archived classes are also available so you can practice anytime! There is also the opportunity at the end of each class to ask any questions you may have to the instructor.

Each online class is suitable for beginners and improvers.

You can join anytime!

Members all receive discounts on all other classes/workshops ran through West Way.

All this for only €28 per month…………..


Sample Lesson: