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“Being a member of West Way Tai Chi & Qigong continues to enhance my health and wellbeing.  With Kevin’s careful tutoring and patience, we are constantly refining and gaining a greater understanding of the health benefits of each movement.  Access to past classes after the live sessions, and the members’ resource pages, is a much-appreciated bonus.” Eileen

His classes are so enjoyable, invigorating and supportive for a beginner and as the movements become more familiar he keeps getting deeper into the practice so that there is always something new to discover. The online resources allowed me to make a lot of progress in a short time. They gave me the discipline to do daily practice” Angela

Thanks so much for hosting the classes online and especially for the website/members page with all the resources. Although I rarely manage to attend the live class I regularly pick one of the recorded classes to do in my own time. The principles help me in every day life to use my body in a healthier way and to have better balance.” Donal

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Members Zoom Classes Timetable (GMT)

MondaysHealing Sounds
Ba Duan Jin
ThursdaysTai Chi
Saturdays (first Saturday of each month starting September)Five Animals

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Summer Revision Classes (free for subscribed members)

Dates (Saturdays 8.30am-10pm)TitleVenue
12th June 2021Healing SoundsOnline
26th June 2021Ba Duan JinOnline
10th July 2021Five AnimalsOnline
31st July 2021Stick QigongOnline
7th August 2021Tai Chi 11 FormOnline

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Weekly classes are suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners and you can start them anytime. All classes are recorded and available in Resource pages and can be accessed 24/7!