Ba Duan Jin (8 stock brocade)

The Ba Duan Jin Qigong(八段錦) is one of the most common and widely practiced forms of Chinese Health Qigong in the world today. 

Variously translated as Eight Pieces of BrocadeEight-Section BrocadeEight Silken Movements or Eight Silk Weaving, the name of the form generally refers to how the eight individual movements characterize and impart a silken quality to the body and its energy.

Next one is being held in the Auburn Lodge, Ennis on Saturday 19th September 2020, 2pm-4.30pm. It costs €30 pp for the Ba Dan Jin on it’s own or €50 pp if you are also attending the morning Tai Chi (10am-12.30pm)

Ba Duan Jin 9th September

Payments non-refundable, call 0860535513 for further information