Stick Qigong

Each of the seven parts that comprise the Stick Qigong set work the whole body internally and externally giving tremendous benefits to the mind and energy/blood channels therein. Use of the Stick within the movements helps to correct postural alignments, stimulate acupoints and is especially good for the health of the kidneys and adrenal glands.

The kidneys are the water element organs of the body and are associated with serenity. “Smoothing the waters” as such with Stick Qigong is one of the most attractive qualities participants experience.

The morning session from 10am-12.30pm we go over the first 3 movements and in the afternoon 2pm-4.30pm we cover the rest of the form.

Next one is being held in the Auburn Lodge, Ennis on Saturday 14th January 2021. It costs €30 pp for the morning or afternoon on their own (10am-12.30pm or 2pm-4.30pm) or €50 pp if you are attending the full day.

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Payments non-refundable, concessions available, call 0860535513 for further information