Instructor Training

Throughout the world there is a more of need then ever for the health enhancing practices of Tai Chi & Qigong to be made available to whomever wishes to practice them.

With this in mind West Way Tai Chi is providing an Instructor training program utilizing personal instruction and online platforms to give anyone with an interest in becoming a qualified instructor and run their own classes the opportunity to do so. It is also a great assist to anyone working in health care and/or holistic/fitness settings.

In a year long program we will cover;

  • Tai Chi & Qigong forms/movements
  • Body structures and alignment
  • Class programs & organisation
  • Basic TCM focusing on meridians and energy channels
  • Best promotion, insurance & business practices
  • Ongoing personal development

You must attend a minimum of 25 hrs training in workshops held in the Green Room, Co. Clare. At the end of each session you will have the opportunity to have one on one instruction and development talk with the instructor. As these workshops are open to the public you must pick in advance which workshops you will attend to assure a place.

Upon application and payment you will have an automatic online West Way Membership for a year which includes weekly and monthly online classes plus full access to the online resources therein. You will also have direct access to the training Instructor where you have the opportunity for live Q & As at the end of each class.

There will also be online instructor conferences where we will cover Traditional Chinese medicine, class planning, business protocols & history. There will be 3 modules to be done based on the subject matter of these to ensure you understand the content (dates to be decided)

Your Tai Chi & Qigong skills will be assessed on a continual assessment basis, providing videos or in person demonstrations of the what you learn. You’ll then be given helpful tips to improve until you reach the required standard to teach. This is a great way to make sure that you get the proper individual instruction and help needed to reach the standard required to organise and run your own classes.

Instructor LevelRequired Skills to QualifyExperience required
Level 1Warm up, 1 Qigong form, Tai Chi Short FormNo previous experience required
Level 1 (Qigong only)Warm up, 2 Qigong formsNo previous experience required
Level 2
Warm up, 2 Qigong forms & Tai Chi Short FormLevel 1 West Way Instructor qualification or equivalent experience (must be Chen Style Tai Chi and/or Health Qigong forms respectively)
Level 3Warm up, 2 Qigong forms, Tai Chi Short Form & Tai Chi 11 FormLevel 2 Instructor with West Way or equivalent experience

Cost for the instructor training program is a €1053 one off payment or 12 monthly payments of €98 which includes;

  • Registration, Assessments & Certification,
  • Ongoing personal support
  • West Way instructor shirt
  • Access to 5 full day West Way workshops
  • Automatic years Membership to West Way Tai Chi & Qigong which includes 3 online classes a week, one monthly, discounts and access to all resources
  • Online instructor conferences
  • An instructor listing on the West Way website upon qualification

Full payment or subscription secures place, please register below;

  • 14 day cooling off period applies
    Monthly payments for full Instructor Training Program

Upon receipt of payment instructor welcome pack will be emailed to you including Ts & Cs.

If you wish more details or have any enquiry related to instructor training please call on 0860535513 or email

Once qualified you will to attend in person at least one workshop a year in the disciplines you are qualified in. You will have a years free Instructor membership to West Way initially (this is separate from online membership), then thereafter pay €55 per annum.

Using the experience I have gathered over the years teaching classes, attending classes, writing and teaching instructor training programs, I have created a model that I feel gives trainee instructors the support they need to confidently gain the skills needed to run their own classes. By attending workshops open to the public you will experience and learn in an actual teaching environment. At the end of each workshop we will work together on a one to one to help improve your skills and answer any questions you may have.

By being a member of West Way you can attend three online classes a week and a monthly Saturday morning one as well. All classes are recorded and you will have full access to these and all previous recordings, meaning you can practice and learn as much as you wish to.

My teaching philosophy is very simple; pass on the knowledge of performing the movements to others so that they can feel the benefits themselves. It is also to teach what you practice yourself and facilitate people, without building unrealistic expectations, the opportunity to go on their own Tai Chi/Qigong journey wherever that may lead.

I also want to build a supportive instructor community where we all benefit from each others experiences and grow together as the popularity of Tai Chi & Qigong practices increase. Having to move online due to the pandemic has opened my eyes up to the benefits that this platform as well as in person training can give.

If you wish to chat about the program or find out any more information please feel free to contact me anytime.

For my qualifications and resume please see here.