Qigong has been practiced and refined over thousands of years. These ancient exercises stretch and strengthen the physical body while repairing blockages in the energy body, stimulating acupuncture points and massaging the internal organs.

The flow of ‘Qi’ in the body is stimulated in a safe natural way. Promoting self healing and preservation. Each pattern of movements can be practiced on their own or in a sequence (called ‘forms’) that take 12-16 minutes to do in one go, working all the major channels internally and externally.

These simple effective movements, performed from a standing position are suitable for all ages and abilities.

We practice the systems of movements promoted by the International Health Qigong Federation.  The forms used in classes/workshops are the “Five Animal Movements”(circa 120-225 CE), “Ba Duan Jin”(circa 1177 – 1279 CE), “Stick Qigong”  and “Healing Sounds” (circa 3500 BCE).  They can be practiced and refined over a lifetime to give holistic balance and health.

Overview of Qigong

Five Animals

Stick Qigong

Healing Sounds

Ba Duan Jin