About West Way

Founder of West Way Tai Chi & Qigong Kevin Copeland is based in Co. Clare, Ireland.  He has practiced Tai Chi & Qigong for over 15 years and teaches mainly in the west of the country;

Kevin is a qualified instructor and indoor student of Grand Master Liming Yue – 2nd Duan Wei in Tai Chi & 3rd Duan Wei in Qigong with the Chinese Wushu & Health Qigong Associations respectfully

“My aims are to teach what I practice personally and to pass on the benefits to as many people as possible.  The joyous thing about Tai Chi & Qigong practice is that they naturally modify themselves to each individuals own physical and metabolic makeup irrelevant of age, fitness, gender or body type.

The classes in West Way are designed to give everyone a skill set they can practice at home for improved body/mind well-being and health preservation.

I was fortunate that when I started my own journey in these arts I learned both Chen Style Tai Chi and Qigong practices together, and they compliment each other perfectly.  The simplest but trickiest part of learning Tai Chi & Qigong is to keep the body relaxed while performing the movements. This allows for natural alignment that accentuates the smooth flow of blood and energy, giving you the “good feelings” these practices are renowned for.

The two attributes I try to adhere to most inside and outside of class are Perseverance and Humility;

To improve and get the most out of your practice Perseverance is key.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes to learn any of the movements, the fact you are even attempting to do them is of huge benefit.  And if you learn to relax and persist you will be surprised at your own progression.  We need Humility to keep from falling into the ego trap and thinking we are something we are not. In classes I keep to the philosophy of simply teaching what I know and practice, no more no less. I learn from masters, I learn from other instructors and I learn from students. I am very privileged to have come across these practices, have trained with some amazing people and for that I am truly grateful.

My teaching style is relaxed, open and I look forward to meeting you there.”