Welcome West Way Tai Chi & Qigong

Based in Co. Clare, West Way (formally known as Clare Tai Chi) is committed to giving you access to health practices that compliment your daily living.

Members area is now live! 3 weekly online Zoom classes, discounts on all West Way Classes/workshops and Video Instruction Library

Weekly classes

MondaysHealing Sounds on Zoom, 12pm (members only)
TuesdaysBa Duan Jin on Zoom. 12pm (members only)
Wednesdays Foundations Class, 10am, Kilmihil Forms Class, 11am, Kilmihil Tai Chi on Zoom, 6.30pm (members only)
ThursdaysTai Chi Foundations, 6.30pm, Ennis Qigong, 7.30pm, Ennis Tai Chi Form, 8.30pm,Ennis
FridaysTai Chi for Arthritis & over 50s, 10am Ennis


Dates (Saturdays)TitleTimesVenue
23rd January 2021Five Animals (revision class)10.30am-12pmOnline
6th February 2021Stick Qigong (revision class)10.30am-12pmOnline
20th February 2021Tai Chi Form (revision class)10.30am-12pmOnline

Tai Chi and Qigong exercises work with the body by increasing strength, flexibility, balance and blood flow, opening energy channels, stimulating acupuncture points and increasing metabolism. We are here for anyone interested in maintaining and improving their physical and psychological well being.

Reflections on practice

The mind, as it directs the body’s movements should be focused and relaxed.  Even after many years of practicing the same exercises you keep your mind’s attention on the actions by observing as well as correcting your body movements, noticing the different feelings and sensations as they arise. As the body/mind connection strengthens, natural awareness of yourself and your environment increases, helping you function more productively in day to day life.

The exercises need to be practiced regularly, with increasing familiarity making the muscle member and performance more productive. Over time you will notice changes in your whole self, relative to your own physical make up and life experiences. 

People approaching Tai Chi/Qigong expecting instant benefits may or may not get what they are looking for. But the real life changing effects are realised through consistent long term practice, so notice over time the marked physical and psychological changes you experience……from the time before you began practicing to where you are now.